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Your efforts help support the many programs and services provided by the National MS Society, as well as fund important research into the cause, treatments and a cure for MS.

The Mid Florida Chapter offers support to individuals with MS and family members, including:


Knowledge and Education Financial Assistance and
Service Management

-Information Resource Center (IRC)

-Momemtum Magazine

-MS Connection (newsletter)

-Online learning

-Publications in English and Spanish

-Informative programs vis phone and web

-Community education programs

-Respite Services

-Medical Equipment (purchase or repair)

-Accessibility modifications (home or auto)


-Critical short-term needs (rent, utilities)

-Health & Wellness


-Community Self-Help and Support Groups

-Family resources and programs (online community)






Putting your dollars to work

Below are examples of how the money you raise could be put to work helping people with MS.

$35 - Assist self-help groups in supporting people affected by MS in our community

$65 - Fund wellness programs aimed at treating the mind, body and spirit

$120 - Help pay for a physical therapy session to manage MS symptoms by enhancing strength and mobility

$200 - Fuel our cause to help influence change by engaging elected officials to make MS a national priority

$400 - Help fund a researcher working toward a cure




Where your money goes

Thank you to our national sponsors

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Live Events

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