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Walk MS Pin-Up Program


What is the Pin-Up program?

The Pin-Up Program raises funds and awareness by involving local businesses/orgainzations and their customers in the fight against MS.  The best part is...there is virtually no cost to the organization. 

Here's how it works:

Businesses/organizations give customers a chance to buy Walk Pin-Ups for a minimum $1 donation.

The donated Walk MS Pin-Ups are proudly displayed on site: posted at the checkout of a store, on a  bulletin board, staff breakroom or in the main lobby.

Walk MS Pin-Ups are provided with bar codes for quick selling and efficient tracking of funds.

Great benefits for your business or organization:

The Walk MS Pin-Up Program benefits your business/organization in three significant ways:

Increase in customer loyalty due to a community focused promotion.

Public recognition of company support at the Walk MS near your business or organization.

Opportunity to allocate Walk MS Pin-Up contributions to an existing Walk MS sponsorship or team.

Get started today!

To become a member of the Walk MS Pin-UP Program simply:

- Fill out the Walk MS Pin-Up sales order form and return it to the MS Society Mid Florida Chapter by fax at 407-478-8893 or email it to

- Find out how to make the most of Pin-Up sales.

- Sell Walk MS Pin-ups and track the number sold. 

- Mail a check for the amount sold to the Mid Florida Chapter.  Please be sure to note your name on the check so you receive credit!








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